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Building Security

33 Arch Street employs Northeast Security to provide 24-hour building surveillance. During normal business hours the security team consists of two lobby officers, one garage officer, one freight elevator operator and three additional guards that monitor the building’s surveillance cameras and patrol common areas. On nights and weekends the security team is reduced to one lobby officer and three additional guards for surveillance and patrol. The lobby officers are also responsible for greeting guests, checking in visitors and contractors, and ensuring all building employees carry their required ID. 33 Arch Street also has a shift supervisor onsite at all times to ensure post orders are being executed.


Northeast Security

Patrick Crowley, Director, +1 978 987 0764

Security Command Center, +1 617 737 1171


Building Maintenance

33 Arch Street is committed to keeping an efficient workplace through an ongoing maintenance program. The maintenance team consists of one Chief Engineer and three Building Engineers employed through UG-2. Preventative maintenance work orders are scheduled through our work order system and each member of the engineering team completes these on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Each task is documented through Angus and then up-to-date reports are run by the Chief Engineer to track repairs done to building equipment.


Each morning a building engineer conducts system assessments of the building’s equipment utilizing the EMS system. This engineer will verify early HVAC starts, make sure all static pressures and discharge temperatures are correct and confirm that there are no alarms present. Maintenance also performs daily electric and water consumption readings to check for any inconsistencies. Each week the maintenance team inspects the building’s mechanical rooms, fire alarms, sprinkler valves, elevator rooms, generator room, fuel storage and storage areas. In addition, the generator is run for thirty minutes each Monday to ensure optimal performance. Any abnormal conditions are noted in maintenance logs and are immediately remedied.


Annual preventative maintenance is performed on all sensor and control calibrations. Each sensor throughout the building is tested with an electronic temperature sensor. If needed, the control is recalibrated to ensure proper performance.


In addition to preventative maintenance issues, the engineering team is responsible for responding to various tenant requests such as hot/cold calls, lighting issues, plumbing repairs, etc. If needed, the engineers will coordinate with a local vendor to complete the service request.


Janitorial and Day Porter

33 Arch Street employs ABM for all janitorial services performed at the property. Throughout the week, a team of 3 day porters service the building from 8:00am to 5:00pm. Their responsibilities include sweeping the exterior sidewalks, vacuuming the lobby, spot-checking the lobby glass and also completing various tenant requests.


At the close of business hours approximately 25 night porters service the building on Mondays through Fridays from 6:00pm to 10:00pm. Their responsibilities include vacuuming each office, removing trash and recycling, spot checking around door handles for fingerprints, dusting window sills, etc. A full scope of the janitorial team’s responsibilities can be found in the ABM service contract.